David Trower

Head Coach / Safeguarding Officer

I have been doing Taekwondo for over 20 years. It has helped me throughout my life and enabled me to meet some fantastic friends and colleagues. I am passionate about giving the next generations these same opportunities to better themselves and make lasting friendships as I have done. My main focus is to make every student feel valued and confident within themselves. I aim to help my staff and volunteers improve their own skills so that they can become valuable role models as well as have a skill which may help them with their future endeavours!


Anya Hodges

Coach / Programmes Director

I started my Taekwondo journey at six years of age and have developed skills transferrable to all aspects of life. I started helping with classes when I reached my black belt and became a fully qualified instructor at just 17 years of age. I have a great passion for helping children and adults develop their minds and bodies and seeing them enhance their confidence and grow as individuals. Evolution Taekwondo has been like a second family to me for many years and I can't wait for my son to join in when he is old enough! I feel that the most valuable skills a child can be given can be found in the teachings of Martial Arts.


Carl Smith

Deputy Head Coach / SEN Instructor

I joined Evolution Taekwondo in Peterborough in 2008 as member and in 2011 I became an instructor. Teaching is very important to me, I enjoy passing on the knowledge I have gained in martial arts on to our students and seeing them grow, not only a martial artist but as individuals. One of the best parts of being an instructor is seeing that eureka moment when our student gets it, and everything clicks into place. When they get to see all of their hard work and dedication paying off. In my 8 years of teaching I have seen many students achieve there goals and then aim higher and hope to see them keep achieving for many years more to come.


Will Peacock

Coach / British Sign Language L2

I have always had an interest in martial arts from a young age and originally trained in Karate. After my first club shut down I never found a suitable club to take its place, and then life got in the way. It wasn’t until I brought my son to Evolution Taekwondo in Peterborough for a trial that the spark became reignited. To me martial arts is about becoming a better person. Improving on your strengths, fitness, confidence and of course Taekwondo. Trying to do things that you cannot already do and treating failure as a learning opportunity and a stepping stone to succeeding. Yes it's hard. But worth it.


Sean Gilbert

Coach / Customer Service

I started Taekwondo as an energetic, lively child and I found that the traditional martial art was a great way to use all the unspent energy I had in a constructive way. The self discipline, focus and motivation needed to learn, compete and grade, made Taekwondo the only sport that kept me interested. Taekwondo had a positive influence on my behaviours both at school and home. I feel that if our club members can take away even a small amount of what I took away from training, i am confident that they will be in a better place to take on the challenges that the world throws at them. Today at Evolution we teach and coach students of all ages, the same traditional martial art that I was taught, but in a fun and modern way.


Philip Richardson

Coach / Technical Director

Originally from Lancashire, I started Taekwondo in 1991 while at university. I gained my 1st Dan in 1999 and I am now a 5th Dan. I have a wealth of experience having trained under some of the highest ranked Grand Masters in the UK. I started teaching in 2001 and became a qualified Poomsae (patterns) and Gyeorugi (sparing) judge, judging local and national level competitions throughout the noughties. I enjoy teaching and hope that my knowledge and experience can be of benefit to the students of Evolution Taekwondo.


Assistant Coaching Team

Assistants / Trainee Coaches

We are the assistant instructors; an enthusiastic team of young adults who bring the fun and energy to classes. Between us we speak 6 languages; English, polish, Lithuanian, serbo-Croat, Spanish and British sign language. We have all successfully gained our black belts and felt we wanted to help other students gain this amazing achievement too. We love to help the instructor and make the classes energetic and fun for everyone. We enable each student to get more one on one time with an instructor and help them progress their training even further.


Chloe Peacock

Administrator / British Sign Language L1

I originally started my coaching background in gymnastics where I competed at a very high level and coached a very many students of all ages. This, coupled with my aptitude for working part of a team and the enjoyment I find in problem solving and helping others gives me a very fulfilling feeling in working for Evolution Taekwondo. This club has also helped me achieve my goals of starting my professional teacher training as it has provided me with invaluable advice and experience. I feel that this club gives every student amazing opportunities and experience and teaches all children some very important morals and life skills.


Bradley Trower

Naughty Boy