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Case study

My name is Steve Po and I started at Evolution Taekwondo in 2004, achieving my black belt in 2007. Now in 2019, I have a 4th Dan black belt, am a qualified British Taekwondo class 2 centre referee and teaching the sport at King’s College London Taekwondo Club (KCLTKD) whilst pursuing a PhD in and teaching Physics at the same University.

Practicing Taekwondo has provided me with numerous benefits across virtually every aspect in my life: Physically, mentally and socially. Aside from the obvious physical benefits of taking part in martial arts particularly from a young age, it has provided me with soft skills that has proved useful in life as encoded by the tenants of Taekwondo themselves including basic etiquette, modesty, perseverance etc. (I’m sure you can imagine where these may come in handy). In fact, practicing and having knowledge of Taekwondo has helped me in a careers interview in the past!

Although the world of Taekwondo is small, it is full of passionate and amazingly friendly people from a highly diverse background. This simple fact has meant that I have gained the confidence to interact with some incredible individuals from local clubs to rival universities and even those who frequently appear on the world/Olympic stage both as athletes and as officials.

Some of my proud achievements relating to Taekwondo has been of volunteering at the Grand Prix series in London 2017 (and knowing some of the International Referees), refereeing at the British National Championships, President of KCLTKD 2015/16, organising and hosting a training seminar for ~60 student athletes from 5 different universities, silver and gold medals at the British Student National Championships, hosting and refereeing 2 London varsity Taekwondo events, and taking part in some short action films shown in film festivals and gatherings. All of this made possible by everything I have gained from being a part of Evolution Taekwondo.