Evolution Taekwondo

Peterborough Martial Arts Academy , Unit 4 Wainman Road , Peterborough , Cambridgeshire, PE2 7BU.

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Tel: 01733235230

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The next Evolution TaeKwonDo Graduation Day is on Saturday 14th March for children and juniors, and adults will be on Monday the 16th March. Please click on the session appropriate for you or your children to book. 

Active start 1.

Time 9:30am

Age group 4-6 years 

Current belt: White/Purple/Orange

Active start 2 

Time 10:45am

Age group 4-6 years

Current belt: Brown tag/belt-Yellow tag/belt-Green tag/belt

 Junior Beginners

 Time 12pm

Age group 7-12 years

Current Belt: White-Yellow tag/belt-Green tag/belt

Junior Intermediate & Advanced

 Time 1:15pm

Age group 7-12 years 

Current Belt: Bluetag/belt-Red tag/belt

Teens & Adults 

Time 8pm

Age group: 13+. 

Current grade: white-Red belt   NO black tags